Monday, January 21, 2013

Dog Of The Week "Alaskan Malamute"

  • Country of origin : Alaska
  • Original use: Arctic sled dog used to haul large loads over long distances.
  • Group: Working
  • Average life span: 11-13 years
  • Color: Varies from light to gray to black, sable and sable to red. White.
  • Coat: Woolly, dense undercoat; outercoat of coarse guard hair.
  • Grooming: Sheds profusely twice a year. Otherwise weekly brushing and combing to maintain coat. Doesn't require frequent bathing.
  • Height/Weight:Males 25 inches, 85 lbs. Females 23 inches, 75 lbs.
  • Personality: Hardworking, people friendly, and loyal. Playful by invitation.
  • Trainability: Moderate
  • Activity Level: Moderate Active outdoors and laid back indoors.
  • Known health problems: Hip dysplasia, eye diseases
  • Good with children: yes, with respectful children
  • Good with pets: Good with family pets if raised together. Not friendly with outsider dogs.
  • National breed club:
  • Rescue:


  1. I thnik ,alaskan malamute deserves badge dog of the year